Bitcoin Faucet

Note: This site uses a little bit of your CPU Power to mine Monero. We’ll only use it while you’re spending time on our site. It is not a Virus or anything evil!

If you want to help this site to have a future you are welcome to let this site open in your browser as long as you want!

Claim Opportunities: (every 5 Minutes)

10 Satoshi = 25%

25 Satoshi = 70%

100 Satoshi = 4%

250 Satoshi = 0,99%

10.000 Satoshi = 0,099%

10.000.000 Satoshi / 0.1 BTC worth around 800 USD = 0,001%

Automatic Payout every 30 Minutes!
You can get 25% Referral Bonus!
You get 1% Seniority Bonus everyday! Up to 200%!
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How To

– To receive your Satoshi you need a Bitcoin Wallet where you get your Bitcoin adress (you can choose of many wallets, I got mine from Jaxx)

– You need a Faucethub Account

– At Faucethub click on “My Wallets” and link your Bitcoin Adress you got from your Wallet to Faucethub

– After that you have to register on our faucet

– afterwards you have to link your Bitcoin Adress to your account at this faucet in your profile (at the top right on this site)

– Now you are able to claim your Satoshi !